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Jenny Bluett

I am Jennifer, wife of the son of the late Dr. Thomas Byron Bluett (1931-1995). The fun part about this, is that my husband's information was gathered by the former Governor of Wisconsin, Lee Dreyfuss, who was the first cousin to my deceased father in law (his mother was a Bluett).

I wish I had a scanner, and I could mail you the decree on which Lee proclaimed a day to honor my husband's grandfather back in 1980. On it is the geneology, trace back to Sir William Bluett, who fought with William the Conqueror in the Battle of Hastings. Lee's friend, Alex Haley, encouraged him to trace the name, so he did so.

Here it is:

Thomas Byron Bluett, married Eileen
Bryon James Bluett, married Ida Mino
E.Thomas Bluett (1869-1906) whom I believe immigrated to the U.S. (?)
William Bluett (1839-1888)
Thomas Bluett (1806-1884)
William Bluett (1763-1811)
James Bluett (1713-1776)
William Bluett died 1761
Robert Bluett died 1725
Richard Bluett died 1672
John Bluett, Vicar of Colon, died 1616
Francis Bluett
Richard Bluett
Nicholas Bluett-married Joan
Walter Bluett married 1464
John Bluett, Sheriff of Devon 1445
John Bluett
Sir Walter Bluett
Sir Walter Bluett
Sir Ralph Bluett married 1296
Sir Thomas Bluett
Sir Roger Bluett
Sir Edmund Bluett
Sir Rowland Bluett
Sir William Bluett - Knight of Brittany- Battle of Hastings 1066

This is such a fun genealogy, and I homeschool our children, which only adds to the beauty of studying the family history together! :)

Jennifer Simmons-Bluett ( )