Would you like to do your own family tree?  Does your Family tree meet up with mine?

    If you would like me to add you to my family tree or set up a page in the same format as mine of your family tree for you, then please send me your details.  I can then send you a self-extracting zipped file for you to check out and make sure all the facts are correct.  Then the choice is yours to do with the file as you like.
(1)    Keep it for your own personnal family records.
(2)    Ask me to add/join/link it to my family tree pages.
(3)    Ask Michael Bluett at www.bluett.com if you can setup some webpages on his site.
(4)    Have a go at doing your own webpages.
(5)    Have someone else help you do your own webpages.
(6)    Put them on your own servers website.
(7)    ETC. ETC.
    If you would like me to help you, you need to let me know as much as you possibly can of your family history/ancestors.  The easiest way is, if you have a familytree program on your computer, and have entered all your information into it, then you can save off a 'GEDCOM' file.  This file can then be sent by you to me (or whoever you choose) and they can then import it into their family tree program.  You can use one of many shareware programs to convert a 'GEDCOM' file into webpages automatically (it's very simple to use & does a great job).
    If you don't have a family tree program then you need to set out all your details very clearly, so I can then enter it all into a program to create a 'GEDCOM' file.
    Whatever you choose to do, enjoy researching your family tree.

All the best.
Peter Bluett
Victoria.  Australia.