Patrick John Bluett
Born: approx. 1859 County Cork Ireland.
Married: Margaret Carey, 13/1/1878, Gisborne, New Zealand.
Died:  15 July 1919, Maffra Road, Sale, Victoria, Australia.
Buried: 18/7/1919 Sale Cemetery.
Parents: John Bluett & Elizabeth Fitzgerald (details from Patrick's death cert.)
    4/1/1878 Patrick arrived in Napier, New Zealand on the ship "Renfrewshire", listed on passenger list as - Patrick Bluitt - bricklayer &  Margaret Casey - svt.  Archive Reference No. for the passenger list is: IM 15/306.
    13/1/1878 married Gisborne, New Zealand (Source Birth Cert. Joseph Bluett & Extract of Marriage), at the Presbytery, this was held in the Presbytery not the Church probably because the bride was pregnant and the custom was to marry sinners in the Presbytery not the church.
Patrick Bluett 24 years married  Margaret Carey 21 years
He is listed as a Labourer, she is listed as a house servant.
They had 9 Children:
Elizabeth Bluett  1879 Auckland New Zealand 1879 Auckland New Zealand  
John J. Bluett 24/9/1881 New Zealand 1919 Manly N.S.W. Australia Maurice O'Conner  Mary O'Conner
Johanna Bluett 11/11/1883 Auckland, New Zealand 29/3/1884 New Zealand Lawrence Burke  Joanna McSweene
James Joseph Bluett 26/11/1884 Auckland, New Zealand 12/3/1885 New Zealand  
Daniel Bluett 15/12/1885 Auckland, New Zealand 1937 Sydney, NSW, Australia  
Margaret Bluett 1887 New Zealand    
Patrick J. Bluett 1892 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia    
Joseph Bluett  26/10/1898 Carlton, Victoria, Australia 19/6/1976 Croydon NSW Australia  
Francis Bluett 29/9/1902   Carlton, Victoria, Australia    

March 1884 Patrick was listed as a labourer on the death cert. of Johanna.
November 1884 he was listed as a draper when James was born.
1885 he was listed as a milk vendor when Daniel was born.  Apparently Patrick had a dairy farm in New Zealand, but went bust.
1889 (approximately) they moved to Australia, as according to his death certificate he was in the Australian states for 30 years, therefore he had spent 10 years in New Zealand.
1892 he was in Sydney, New South Wales, where Patrick J. Bluett (jr) was born.
By 26/10/1898 they had moved down to Carlton, Victoria when on  26/10/1898  Joseph was born. Patrick Bluett is a Dairyman aged 45, his birthplace is listed as County Cork, Ireland.  Margaret Bluett (nee Carey) was now 40 and lists her birthplace as Kerry, Ireland.
1902 Patrick Bluett is a Chimney Sweep when Francis was born on 29 September, at the Women's Hospital Carlton, Victoria.
15/7/1919 Died.  Death Cert. No. 14776 1919 Victoria, soon after his son John, who died in 1919.
Details from his Death Certificate:
He died at Maffra Road, Borough of Sale, County of Tanjil, Burnley, Victoria, Australia.  15/7/1919.  He was a Labourer at the time of his death, working on the railroads.
Cause of death:  Heart failure brought on by excessive use of alcohol.  Verdict at inquiry held at Sale by R.J. Chevy, Deputy Coroner at Sale on the 17th July 1919.
Informant Robert Moncrieff Sergt. 3842.  Buried 18th July 1919 Sale Cemetery
Location: Allotment 39 Section R Plan 5.  Unmarked grave.
Undertaker L. Jensen.  J.J. Callanan Roman Catholic Clergyman.  Patrick John Bluett was in Australia for 30 years.
Margaret Bluett died on 28/10/1919 in the Hospital for the Insane, Kew. Victoria.
Cause of death:  Myocarditis Bronchitis.
Buried 30/10/1919 Coburg Cemetery.  Location: Roman Catholic Compartment D, Grave 189.  Unmarked grave.

Joseph Bluett  Joseph Army  Joseph & Kathleen  Kathleen
Born: 26/10/1898    Births Vic.1898 Number 24943, Womens Hospital, Smith Ward, City of Melbourne,
                                    County of Bourke, Victoria Australia.
Married:  Kathleen Amelda Brady. 1924 Marrickville, NSW.  Reg.No. 7016
Died: 19/6/1976, Repat.Hospital. Croydon N.S.W. Cause: Pneumonia.
Buried: Rookwood Cemetry  N.S.W.
1 Child:
Kenneth Gabriel Bluett 9/1/1925 Caulfield, Victoria. 28/6/1967 Norfolk Island

Joseph joined the Australian Imperial Force
Date: 27th September 1915.
Place of Enlistment: Holsworthy, New South Wales.
Service No: 5457
Unit: 1st Field Artillery Brigade 11th Reinforcement.
Rank: Dvr (Able Bodied Driver)
Campaign Medals:
    1914/15 Star
    British War Medal
    Victory Medal
18/11/1915 Taken on Strength of 1st B.A.C.
6/3/1916  Transferred to 22nd Battery
12/3/1916 Mastered Driver
21/3/1916  Embd to join British Expeditionary Force
5/5/1916  Promoted Act. Bombadier
15/5/1916  Transferred to 21st Field Artillery Brigade France
15/5/1916  Taken on strength of 21st Field Artillery Brigade France
30/9/1916  Reverts to his permanent rank of Driver at his own request. Place: In the field (21st F.A.B.) France
20/12/1916  To Hospital sick.  France
11/1/1917  DVP.  Embarked on H.S. Formosa at Havre for England (Influenza)
12/1/1917  Admitted to Clandon Pk Woolwich (influenza slight) (England)
10/4/1917  Transterred from Clandon Park 1st Auxly Hosp. (England)
5/6/1917  Re-admitted to hospital from tuberculosis (England)
5/6/1917  Sick to Harefield Hospital (England)
7/6/1917  Discharged to tuberculosis 23/5/1917 to 7/6/1917 to Weymouth
9/6/1917  A.W.L. from 9/6/1917
9/6/1917  Reported A.W.L. in error (was actually in hospital)
26/6/1917  Admitted 5/7/1917 discharged to depot Weymouth
26/6/1917  Dvr from 1st Aux.
27/7/1917  Returned to Australia N.S.A.64 for discharge  image
7/11/1917  Discharged 2nd M.D.

Kenneth Gabriel Bluett
Born: 9/1/1925  Caulfield, Victoria, Australia.  Picture with Parents
Married: Ethel Eileen Watters,15/4/1950. Place:  St. Brigids  Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia.
Died:  28/6/1967 Norfolk Island. grave
Cause of death:    Coronary Occulsion.
Buried:  Norfolk Island.
Profession:  Medical Doctor  (G.P.)
Ken  Ethel Wedding1  Wedding2 Ken & Ethel
Early story:
    Kenneth Gabriel Bluett was the only child of Kathleen and Joseph Bluett.  He was a very bright boy with
a mass of red curly hair.  His birth was premature - born in Caulfield Victoria.
Ken was educated at several schools, the reason being he was expelled or it was requested that he would
be better off at another school.  He was disruptive in class  and would  get up to pranks that were totally
unacceptable.  One example of this (in his own words), there was a very pretty little girl with long blonde
curls in the desk in front of him who continually tossed her hair from side to side, much to his annoyance.
Ken decided that he had to put a stop to it so he very gently placed a couple of curls into the ink well on
his desk - bingo! - he struck pay dirt.  The result was when she tossed her curls, ink splattered on her face
and clothes and she was very distressed.  His parents were called to the school and result - expulsion.  This trend continued throughout his primary education.
    Ken eventually started his secondary education at the De La Salle College in Marrickville, N.S.W.   He eventually did well at this College and ended up being Dux of his College and Student Athelete.   His result in the final year was 3 First Class Honors, 1- A and a B. which placed him the 4th highest pass in the State of New South Wales.  He had a very high I. Q. and his philosophy was you read something through and if you donít understand it, read it through a second time and if you still donít understand it, seek help.
    The above paragraph  is in itself very misleading, his behavioural pattern still persisted in the early
years of secondary education.  He was still disruptive, talkative and basically liked acting the class clown -
much to the chargin of his teachers.  Ken was actually very fortunate as the Principal of the school, Brother
Peter, recognised his ability and decided he had to find a way to channel your Kenís energy towards his
academic studies.  It was indeed a very simplistic solution.  Brother Peter recognised the behavioural
pattern was the result of boredom, here he had a very bright student  the only trouble would be to find a
way of  keeping his interest in class.  At that stage the Catholic Church had certain books on the ďIndexĒ
(books that were only allowed to be read by mature people), Brother Peter called Ken aside and made an
agreement whereby Ken would be given a book to read after he had completed his school work and whilst
the other students were completing their work  Brother Peter would discuss the book with him.  Simple!
This was the turning point in Kenís life - hence the above result.
    For sometime, things went very smoothly until in his final year his best friend was expelled from the
school for smoking.  What a dilemma - Ken was also smoking but was lucky enough not to be caught.  He
had two choices - 1. Say nothing and get off  completely or 2. Own up and face expulsion.  It became a very
hard choice because his parents would be devastated, his best friend would not have a choice in furthering
his education and this would be unfair as he was equally guilty.  After some heart rendering deliberation,
he really only had one choice - he went to see Brother Peter and confessed that he was equally guilty and
said that he also would need to be expelled.  This placed Brother Peter in a very awkward position - it was
a bit like passing the buck - his dilemma now became  Brother Peterís dilemma.  Being a very astute person
Brother Peter got in touch with the expelled student (his name was John Norris (affectionately called
George - incidentally he was best man at Ken's wedding) and called both of them to his office.  His ruling
was - Ken had been honest but was equally guilty therefore he exacted a promise from  both of them that
this  behaviour would not happen again and George was reinstated.  They both kept their word for the rest
of the school year.  Ken then went on to become President of the Old Collegians Association - a position he
held for several years.  Brother Peter , as you can see, was the greatest and most redeeming influence in his
life.     School Photo's  1939   1940  1941   1942  1942b  1945
Dr Bluett Memorial Playground Ferntree Gully, Victoria.
Donor wall William Angliss Hospital, Upper Ferntree Gully, Victoria.
14 Children:
Mary  Bluett
John Bluett
Anne Bluett
Denise Bluett
Peter Bluett
Stephen Bluett
Jennifer Bluett
Lynette Bluett
Christine Bluett
Susan Bluett
Michael Bluett
Helen Bluett
James Bluett
Therese Bluett

Peter Bluett
Born: William Angliss Hospital, Upper Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia.
Married:  Margaret Shepherd,  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
4 Children:
Leanne Bluett
Sallee Bluett
Amanda Bluett
Mark Bluett