ABOVE: An old slide taken in 1964 at Emerald Lake, Victoria, Australia.
This is one family.  In order from left to right:
Stephen, Denise, John, Lynette, Mary, Helen, Jennifer, Kenneth (DAD), Peter,
Anne, Susan, Ethel (MUM), Michael & Christine.

    Hello all, my name is Peter BLUETT, I was born in March 1956, Victoria, Australia.  As you can see from the above picture, I'm from a large family.  I'm married with 4 children, 3 daughters & a son.  We live in Victoria, Australia.
    I started researching my family tree back in 1997, I have always had an interest in genealogy and was spurred on when contacted for information about my grandmother on my mother's side.  I thought I'd might as well get started and chase up information on my father's side also.  So while I collect information on my BLUETT side, I might as well collect information I find on other BLUETT's I come across at the same time, and help out other BLUETT's researching.  We can then share our resources and hopefully find a link to join our trees : )    So if you don't mine sharing and have a small or larger interest in genealogy,  we can all help one another at bluett.com

With many thanks to Michael Bluett for the site.

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So if you would like to send me any info,
ask any questions or drop me a note,
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