Convict: arrived in the colony on the 6th of July 1802, on the ship, ATLAS, life sentence.
Birth Date: About 1778 Birth Place: Hackets Town, Wicklow, Ireland
Death Date: 4 Jun 1861 Death Place: Mittagong, New South Wales
Burial Date: 7 Jun 1861 Burial Place: RC, Berrima, New South Wales
Aka: William Walsh, Welsh.    Religion: RC

Atlas dep Ireland 29 Nov 1801 arrived 6 Jul 1802 per Atlas - sentence Life

The 1822 General Muster shows William as WALSH, acknowledges the CP, and records him as a landholder at Liverpool.

per 1828 Census
Luddenham, Bringelly
Welch, William age 50 Convict  Atlas Life Catholic Labourer
           Ellen age 35 Free by Servitude Northampton 1814 C
           Elizabeth 12 BC
           Sarah 10 BC
           Jane 8 BC
           Ellen 6 BC
           William 2 BC
           John 6m BC

From Ray Walsh
Date of birth: Records exist claiming he was born between 1774 and 1800. One of the convict registers for the Atlas (1802) lists his age as 22 (making 1780 his birth date). The 1828 Census claims he is 50 (1778).

William claims to have come from Rathdrum in co. Wicklow, and also from Hackets Town in co. Carlow.

William appears to have been involved in the 1798 Irish Rebellion in co. Wicklow. He was tried in March 1798 in Wicklow, convicted and sentenced to transportation to NSW for life. Transported aboard the Atlas 2 which departed Cork 30 May 1802, arriving 30 Oct 1802. He would have been about 22-24 years old.

William appears in the "1805-1806 muster for New South Wales & Norfolk Island". He is listed as prisoner and in the "How Employed/With Whom Lives" column it states "indented James Badgery". In the 1814 Muster, he is still working for Mr Badgery.

The "Colonial Secretary's Papers, 1788-1825", contains a document which lists him working as a servant to James Badgery. The document is a petition for the mitigation of his sentence. (AO Fiche 3291). The petition mentions that he came on the Atlas. It also mentions that he has a wife and child. On the petition James Badgery wrote: "The
petitioner has been in my employ and has conducted himself with every degree of propriety". This document was written on November the 18th, 1817. As the petition states he has one child this seems to match up with the birth of the first child which would have been born about 1817.

William was granted a Conditional Pardon by Gov. Macquarie on 31 Jan 1818. The record confirms the following:
Trial - Rathdrum. Date not mentioned. Sentence - life. Ship: Atlas. When arrived: 1802. This info is from: Convict pardons 1 January 1810 - 31 December 1819 granted by Major-General Lachlan Macquarie, Governor of NSW.  Page 82.

The 1828 Census shows William as now living at Luddenham, Bringelly, employed as a labourer, and owning 19 cattle. William subsequently seems to have established himself as a farmer in the Mittagong district.

Death details:
His cause of death was "old age and infirmity"
Undertaker was James Forde.
Minister: Rev. P. Magennis, Roman Catholic minister at Berrima.
Witnesses: Francis Breen and James Jones.    (grandson in law)
According to his death certificate, William had lived in New South Wales for 63 years. On this basis, he would have arrived about 1798, whereas the Atlas 2 arrived in 1802.
The death certificate shows his age as 107. He was closer to 87.

arrived 06 Jul 1802 ATLAS

BIRTH                 Reg Ireland
MARRIAGE         Reg 1815 C of E Parramatta 1849 v3A or  729 v147B as William Welsh

NSW Marriage Transcription  (Early Church Records)       Ref No -Vol 147b No 729
Register -St Johns Parramatta Church Of England Marriages 1790-1823
Date Of Marriage -30/10/1815
Place Of Marriage -St Johns Parramatta
 Married By Banns
Groom -William Welsh
Status -P., Age 34, Ship "Artless"
Occupation -
Usual Residence -Parish of St John Parramatta
Bride -Eleanor Rice
Status -P., Age 28, Ship "Northampton"
Usual Residence -Parish Of St John Parramatta
Witnesses -Luke Grant, Mary Leonard
Minister -Samuel Marsden
Religion -Church Of England

DEATH                Reg 1861 Berrima 2224 died Mittagong age 107 yrs

Date and place of death: 4th June 1861 at Mittagong
Name and occupation: William Walsh Farmer
Sex and age: Male 107 years
Cause of death, duration of last illness, etc.: Old age and infirmity, 2 months
Name and occupation of father, name and maiden name of mother: not known
Informant: James Jones X his mark, farmer, Mittagong
Particulars of registration: (1) Geo. ?? Rowley (2) 5th June 1861 (3) Berrima
When and where buried; name of undertaker: 7th June 1861 at the Roman
Catholic Burying ground at Berrima. James Forde
Name and religion of minister and names of witnesses to the burial: Rev.
P Magonnis Roman Catholic Minister at Berrima; Francis Breen; James Jones
Where born and how long in the Australasian Colonies or States: County
Wicklow in Ireland; 63 years in New South Wales.
Place of marriage, age, and to whom: Parramatta; 61 years; Ellen Cushion
Children of marriage: Elizabeth - 44 years; Sarah - 42 years; Jane - 40 years; Ellen - 38 years; William - 34 years; John - 32 years; James - 29 years

Spouse: Ellen CUSHION
Birth Date: About 1793 Birth Place: Limerick, Ireland
Death Date: 30 Nov 1874 Death Place: Mittagong, New South Wales
Burial Date: 3 Dec 1874
Burial Place: Lower Mittagong, New South Wales
Aka: Eleanor Rice, Ellen Welsh
Religion: RC

Spouse Notes:
Northampton 18 Jun 1815 Sailed 01 Jan 1815 Portsmouth

Tried 20 Apr 1814 Middlesex
arrived 18 Jun 1815 per Northampton - convict

see "The Women of Botany Bay" Portia Robinson p71
"...convicted of breaking, entering and stealing.Rice pleaded ; I was in distress.... my husband had left me.

1815 Jun 19
On list of female convicts on board the "Northampton"; listed as Ellinor (Reel 6045; 4/1732 p 159)

1815 Jun 23
On list of convicts disembarked from the "Northampton" to be employed at the Factory at Parramatta (Reel 6004;
4/3494 p103)

Spouse Medical:
arr per Northampton 1815 Tried Middlesex 20 Apr 1814

Spouse Research:
BIRTH                 Reg
MARRIAGE        1815 CofE Parramatta 1849 v3A or 729 v147B as Eleanor Rice
DEATH                Reg 1874 Berrima 3979 died Mittagong

Marriage Date: 30 Oct 1815 Marriage Place: St John's, Parramatta, New South Wales

Children: Elizabeth