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Here is a quick write-up of what I know about my family, if you want to add anything about your part of the family, you can put it on your page locally, you could chat about it in the forums, you could add a link to it at the bottom of the page or, as a last resort, you could mail it to so that I can add it to this page.

Michael Bluett, London, England

I am Michael Bluett, I am currently living in London, England. I was born here, but moved to Liverpool 6 months after my birth, and then back down here for my Bachelors degree and then for my job.

As I was growing up, my father is aware that there were three or more families named Bluett in the Liverpool area.

My family has a family crest with squirrels on it, and we have ancestors that owned a country house in England. The next time I visit my grandfather, I will ask him more about our family to put here.

David North-Row ( )

THE WORTHIES OF DEVON. "Sir Roger Bluet, Kt. who married the daughter of John Row, of Kingston, serjeant at law, and builded the great hall at Holcomb Court" The daughter was called Jane. She remarried Nov 1566 at Holcombe Rogus to John Kaynes of Compton Pauncefort, co. Somerset. John Row was a well known lawyer of his day. Kingston Estate is situated in Staverton near Totnes.

During my research of the North-Row family, who lived in Devon up until the 1920s, I have tried to establish a connection to the Row family of Kingston. Through my research, I discovered John Row, Serjeant-at-Law, who was appointed by Henry VIII as one of the King's Counsellors of the West. Prince's Worthies of Devon (1701) This page has a reference to both the Bluett and Row families.

There is a manor house in the South West of England called Holcombe Rogus, here is a page on it, sent by Margaret Bluett of Cairns, Australia.

Michael Bluett