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News and Updates from 2002 and Earlier

See also the older news.

Michael Bluett 22:01,Mon 26 Aug 2002
Big update:
I have altered Mike Blewitt's entry to point to his site blewitthistory.com on the links page. I have written of my intentions to add dynamic content to Bluett.com using open source software from OpenACS.org on the message board in this message. I hope to have the time to do it fairly soon. Michael K. Blewett has written to me telling me of his research on William (Bluett, Blewitt) Blewett who settled on the Great Pee Dee River in North Carolina, Michael is looking for descendents of William. Michael has also mailed me two large document which I have uploaded. One contains "Blewett, Blewitt, Blouet, Bloet and Bluett" references (warning: large - 265Kb), derivations of the name and references to literature. The other contains a Devonshire Blewett family tree. Both have been scanned with a current virus scanner by me. I have added Mary Ellen to the links page, she is looking for information on John BLUETT from Baggotstown, County Limerick.
Michael Bluett 00:13,Sat 13 Jul 2002
I have added links to The Strange life of Frederick Dillon Bluett to the web search page.
I have added Liam Bluett (from Ireland) and Carla Percy (who wants help with a Samuel Robert Blewett) to the links page.
Michael Bluett 21:24,Tue 2 Jul 2002
I have added Sondra Stafford and Lesley Mills to the links page.
Michael Bluett 05:59,Mon 17 Jun 2002
Peter has sent updates for his web pages, especially this page. He has also sent information about Valerie White's Bluett ancestors.
I have added two people to the links page: Michael Blewitt is looking for his great great great grandfather's relations from Walsall/Bloxwich area in Staffordshire, England and Aubrey Edwards, who is looking for information on the children of Charles Blewitt (his great great great grandfather), born in Essex, England in 1825.
Michael Bluett 19:30,Thu 23 May 2002
I have added Matthew Blewett to the links page, he is looking for descendants of Herbert Blewett who emigrated to America in 1920.
Michael Bluett 18:37,Sat 30 March 2002
The discussion board is back up again, according to the server's front page:
"March 30, 2002: this server is back up and running, thanks to Jin and Tom. Every week or so the Linux operating system that sits behind this service freezes. We can never figure out why. We had some downtime because we needed to move the machine from Waltham, Massachusetts to Cambridge, MA. This should make it easier to reboot in the future. Sorry for the downtime."
Michael Bluett 23:31,Fri 29 March 2002
The discussion board is currently down (cause unknown). The server it runs on (greenspun.com)is down. See the thread on Ars Digita.com.

I have, however fixed the forms for emailing me that were down (some of you may have noticed this problem).

Michael Bluett 13:24,Mon 18 March 2002
I have added Kerry Blewett, from Penzance, Cornwall, UK to the links page
Michael Bluett 14:44,Fri 1 March 2002
I have added Ron Bluett, from Western Australia to the links page
Michael Bluett 15:07,Thu 7 February 2002
I have added Allan Bluett, from Auckland, New Zealand to the links page, also added Date added field to all entries. I linked to the discussion in the forum where Lauren Brockman is looking to link up Walter Bluett, Baptised in 1820, in Taunton, with other relatives.
Michael Bluett 18:34,Wed 6 February 2002
Added a link to Bluett Holcombe Rogus residents listed on this page (part of http://worldroots.com/ged/max/) to the web_search page (which I have reorganised). Added the Bluett Financial Consultancy and Peter Bluett Sculptures to the companies page. I have added Rob Bluett (from England, looking for places to stay in Australia), David Bluett (from Massachusetts, USA), Janet Thatch (from New Zealand, who is looking for details of her grandfather), Mildred Bluett Philips (who is looking for more details of hergreat great grandfather William Bluett who was born near Cheltenham, 1823-24), another David Bluett (this time from England) and John Carlyon (a recent visitor to Holcombe Rogus) to the links page.
Michael Bluett 22:19,Tue 1 May 2001
Added link to http://worldroots.com/ged/max/ on the web_search page
Michael Bluett 00:36,Mon 5 March 2001
Big update. I have added Charles Merrick Bluett, Lauren (Bluett) Lashbrook (looking for details of her family, John Bluett possibly from Limerick) and Jenny Oldfield (who is looking for information on Buckland Bluett born in 1786 and who married Ann Powell in 1813)to the links page and added a section to links on the place called Bluett, Wise county, Texas in the web search section. (Lloyd Bluett, the email address you sent me bounces!)
Michael Bluett 19:29,Mon 29 January 2001
Added Jennifer Bluett's family tree to the home pages and the links page. Revamped the sidebar and changed all grey text on the site to black for legibility.
Michael Bluett 15:21,Sat 27 January 2001
I have added Tim Bluett to the links page as he had added his site to the dynamic link page. I have also updated Robert Bower's entry on the links page, adding the date of Elizabeth Bluett's marriage and updating Robert's email address.
Michael Bluett 21:38,Fri 17 January 2001
I have added Andrew Bluett to the links page, he writes asking for contacts and has also posted on the message board. I have also attempted to add Javascript code to make it more difficult for scripts to extract email addresses from bluett.com to use in spam.
Michael Bluett 00:03,Fri 3 November 2000
Added Lyn Bluett and Bradley Bluett, both coincidentally from Tasmania, as well as Natalie Blewit to the links page, Lyn has also posted on the message board, replying to my Welcome to the Bluett family bulletin board message.
Michael Bluett 13:13,Sat 30 September 2000
Added Carolyn S. and Thomas Taylor Bluett (apparently related to Frederick Bluett) to the links page. Added David North-Row to the history page.
Michael Bluett 21:24,Mon 11 September 2000
Added message board section to front page.
Michael Bluett 21:48,Fri 1 September 2000
Added Damian Bluett to the links page which is now getting rather large. The switchover to a new server is getting closer.
Michael Bluett 21:31,Sun 13 August 2000
Added Charles Bluett to the links page
Michael Bluett 19:26,Wed 9 August 2000
Added Lynn Bluett to the links page
Michael Bluett 20:32,Sat 22 July 2000
First message on the message board, Andrew Marshall writes: "I am looking for the names of all the children of Peter Frederick Bluett, last Bluett owner of Holcombe Rogus." (this is Holcome Rogus, picture)
Michael Bluett 12:31,Sun 9 July 2000
Added a large section on family tree programs to the web search page, including information on where to download family tree programs and how to convert it so that it is suitable for display on the web.

Michael Bluett