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This page includes:

Links to Bluett information on other websites:

"The Strange life of Frederick Dillon Bluett" by A. Marshall - regarding Frederick Bluett, born in 1867, at South Wembury Manor Wembury, Devon.

I have discovered a place called Bluett, in Wise County, Texas:
A link to the place name reference.
Links to information about Bluett, Texas from Google.

Max Gschneidinger (http://worldroots.com/ged/max/) lists many Bluetts as part of family tree: http://worldroots.com/ged/max/idx428.htm (at the bottom of the page) he welcomes comments and corrections. This page includes BLUETT, Francis Col. (about 1609 Holcombe Rogus, Devonshire, England - 1644) and other Holcombe Rogus residents. Unfortunately, some of the indices appear to be broken.


Surname.org - a genealogy site about surnames.

Genforum Familytreemaker.com(blewett), a forum containing mails about the Blewett family (from (genforum.familytreemaker.com))

Kindred Konnections

The GENDEX WWW Genealogical Index

Search the UK telephone directory/electoral role for Bluetts (requires a login).

A page on a Nathaniel Bluett (somewhat popular with search engines)

A list of links to major search engines with the word Bluett:

Google (www.google.com):
Google (Bluett) - my favourite search engine

Altavista (www.altavista.com):
Altavista (Bluett)

Excite.com (www.excite.com):
Excite (Bluett)

Excite Uk (www.excite.co.uk):
Excite (UK) (Bluett)

Yahoo (www.yahoo.com):
Yahoo (Bluett)

Lycos (www.lycos.com):
Lycos (Bluett)

Hotbot (www.hotbot.com):
Hotbot (Bluett)

Northernlight (largest number of pages search engine, has indexed my entire site), www.northernlight.com:
Northern Light (Bluett)

Dogpile (a meta engine, contains results of other search engines), www.dogpile.com:
Dogpile (Bluett)

Ask Jeeves metaengine(www.ask.com):
ask (Bluett)

Other search engines: http://dmoz.org/Computers/Internet/Searching/Search_Engines/

Downloadable genealogy programs:

If you create your own Bluett family tree, I would be happy to display it here (or you could add it to My-ged.com), bear in mind however that you are advised to delete any information on living relatives - see Mark Howell's page on Transforming your GEDCOM Files into Web Pages.

Cyndi's list of genealogy resources.
Genealogy Software - Freeware/Shareware

Please leave any recommendations for family tree creation programs on the Bluett family discussions page.

The Financial Times has a Guide to genealogy on the web.

Michael Bluett