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I used to add people to this page who wanted to get in touch with other Bluetts in the world.  I have attempted to obfuscate the email addresses on this page, so that they are not easily picked up by scripts that take email addresses from sites, please mail me if there are any problems.

Name Location Email address ICQ number Homepage External homepage Date Added
Michael Bluett London, England 29414106 michael None 7 Oct 1999
  I have a sister called Christine and my father is called Robert, who divorced my mother and married to Sue. My grandfather on my father's side is called Dennis, and is married to Joan. My grandfather's brother settled and married in Canada and had three daughters who have their own children (not called Bluett).
Peter Bluett Victoria, Australia 14670917 peter None 27 Oct 1999
  I'm from a large family, I have 3 brothers and 9 sisters. I'm married & have 4 children (3 daughters and 1 son). I live just outside Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I have been doing some researching of my family tree. See my webpages of what I've found so far. If anyone has information to add to my tree, I'd be very pleased to hear from them.
Debbie Bluett Delavan, Wisconsin, USA. None None None 22 Nov 1999
  My name is Debbie Bluett and I live in Delavan, Wisconsin, USA. My father was Robert Joseph Bluett, Jr. and he married Verena Willich. I am 51 years old and have three brothers and a sister and happily, nine nieces and nephews. My paternal grandfather was Robert Joseph Bluett who married Lillian Kozak. They had three children, my fahter being the oldest. My great-grandfather was born in the Parish of Rockhill/Bruree in December 1857, son of Patrick Bluett and Catherine Browne. Richard married Mary Conroy in Quincy, Illinois and had 5 children, my grandfather being the youngest. I would be interested to know of other Bluetts out there who are researching the name.
Tony Bluett Melbourne, Australia. 53547196 None None 29 Nov 1999
My name is Anthony Bluett although I much prefer Tony :-). I'm 34 yrs old (1999).Although I live in Melbourne, Australia with my wife Annie, We both hail from Tasmania. I have 2 brothers & 2 sisters. My grandfathers name was Bertram James Bluett who also lived in Tasmania with his wife Ella May (nee Denehey). If I can assist your search or if you would just like to chat, Please feel free to contact me. My ICQ # is 53547196
Pamela Bluett Tasmania, Australia. 60533974 None None 8 Feb 2000
my name is Pamela Bluett, but like to be called Pam. I'm 48, born and bred in Tasmania, am divorced and have two children. My parents were Norman John Bluett and Myra Daphne (nee Hunt). Tony from Melbourne is my younger brother. I am interested in talking to other Bluetts and can be contacted at the above address and my ICQ is 60533974
Jane Bluett Nottingham, England. None None None 20 May 2000
My name's Jane Bluett. I live in Nottingham, England. My Dad is Michael Bluett who comes from Killmallock Ireland. That branch of the family are still going strong! There's a lot of us out there.
Trudie Blewett Camborne, Cornwall, England. None None None 27 May 2000
My boyfriend has helped trace our family on Cornwall they mainly live in Gwennap, Crowan, St Day areas I still live in Cornwall in a Town called Camborne.
Jennifer Bluett East Anglia, UK. None None None 8 July 2000
  I don't know much about my family name. I am Jennifer Bluett, I am 19yrs old (born in 1981). My grandma was Catherine Bluett. We are all in East Anglia, UK. I think originally my name originated in France. From what I have been told.
Lynn Bluett Rochester, New York, USA. None None None 9 Aug 2000
  I am the oldest son of Alvin Bluett. I was born in Ilion, New York, USA, and am currently living in Rochester, New York. I have 2 brothers, Kevin (Ilion, New York) and David (Lockport, New York) and a sister Catherine (Married Name is Slowik) of Cedarville, New York.
Charles Clement Bluett Matamata, New Zealand None None None 13 Aug 2000
  I live in Matamata New Zealand and am researching my Family. Mr Fathers name was Clement Charles and my Mothers name was Charlotte Mary Bluett (nee Thompson).
Damian Bluett Sydney, Australia None None None 1 Sept 2000
  Good Morning,
I was searching the internet and saw your site, it cracked me up! My name is Damian Mark Bluett, I live in Sydney. My family originated in England of course, however our current generations are from Adelaide SA, where my grand parents and Auntie currently live. My father Mark Bluett lives in Sydney while his brother Rory is in the Northern Territory. Any way it is good to know there are are more Bluett's around as they are quality people, and it is a privilege to be one!!
Carolyn S. and Thomas Taylor Bluett Arizona, USA None None None 30 Sept 2000
  Hello! My husband's father was Thomas Taylor Bluett and his father was Thomas Bluett who came from Enland to Philadelphia,Pennsylvania,USA in the late 1800's. He had a brother William who died at a young age. Thomas Bluett was a Judge in Philadelphia and died in 1958. Thomas Taylor Bluett,Sen lived in the Phildelphia area his whole life and had two children,Thomas Taylor Bluett,Jr and Patrica Jean Bluett Davis. My husband Thomas Taylor Bluett,Jr and I had 2 Children. Thomas Tayor Bluett,3rd and Florence Dawn Bluett Polowczuk. All resideing in the Philadephia area except for us and were now residing in Arizona. On this Sept.23,2000 a Family Reunion was held in the Philly area and I started to think about all of us who could not be there or didn't even know about it. If you think you are related please let us know. I guess it seem's that all the Bluett's come from Wales or England Areas. I for one would wecome any information you would like to share. Oh,By the way!I believe that Thomas senior's Father was Fredrick Bluett but I'm not certain of it. Waiting to hear! Distant Cousin (maybe!)
Bradley Bluett Tasmania, Australia None None None 3 Nov 2000
  Hello, my name is Bradley (Brad) and I live in Hobart, Tasmania in Australia. It is good see some of my relatives already on the site. I have traced my family back to Suffolk, England from my father Peter, Grandfather Berwyn, Great Grandfather Bertram through to James and John Blewitt who arrived in Tasmania aboard the LADY KENNAWAY which arrived on the 13/02/1835, having departed 27/10/1834 from Cork, Ireland. I think he was sentenced at Suffolk Quarter Session 04/03/1834 and received Seven Years. Perhaps someone can help me.
Natalie Blewit Tasmania, Australia None None None 3 Nov 2000
  I am from Darwin, Australia. I have one brother, Dwane. My father is from a family of 12 children whos parents are Lewis William Blewit born in Balaklava South Australia. His mum is Eunice Roma Blewit ( maiden name Coe). We have traced our family tree back to Charles Jackson Blewit who arrived in Australia at the age of 21 from Greenwich England 1857. He was 28 years old when he married. His fathers name was Charles Blewit.

We are searching for any information on the family tree prior to this information I have sent you. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help in any way.

Lyn Bluett Tasmania, Australia None None None 3 Nov 2000
  Hello my name is Lyn Bluett, I am from Tasmania, I am married with two daughters, Melissa and Anita, Anita is married, she married Mcphersen, their was eight in my family, one of my brothers died in 1958. If any-one would like any information on our line, please write to me. My father was Linley Bertram Bluett,his father was Bertram Bluett, his father mame was James Bluett, he married Eliza Garth, I haven't much information on James Bluett,& his parents.
Andrew James Bluett Gloucestershire, England None None None 17 Jan 2001
  Greetings all Bluetts (and other spellings!) everywhere.

I and my branch of the family are in the Forest of Dean, West Gloucestershire, England.

My Father is Raymond V Bluett of Newnham on Severn, Gloucestershire, my grandfather, Frank Bluett was a fish merchant locally after his return from WWI in France (volunteered whilst under age and gassed on the Somme). I understand that the first "English" Bluett was Walter, Lord of the Manor of Raglan & Daglingworth, illegitimate half brother to William the Conqueror! I also know lots of us were transported to the new world (Aus & NZ etc.) after stealing sheep to save us from starving when the mining industry faltered in the 18th/19th centuries.

There are also apparently Bluetts in Buenos Aires (along with lots of descendants of Welshmen who went to mine silver etc in Patagonia) and as far flung in the US as Alaska. Contacts welcome

Regards, Andrew James Bluett.

Tim Bluett Western Australia None None 27 Jan 2001
  Bluetts of Western Australia
A family web page designed for the relatives from afar to keep up to date with the Bluett kids of WA.
Jenny Bluett USA None Jenny None 29 Jan 2001
  I am Jennifer, wife of the son of the late Dr. Thomas Byron Bluett (1931-1995). The fun part about this, is that my husband's information was gathered by the former Governor of Wisconsin, Lee Dreyfuss, who was the first cousin to my deceased father in law (his mother was a Bluett).
Charles Merrick Bluett Johannesburg, South Africa None None None 5 March 2001
  Hi there! My name is Charles Merrick Bluett. I prefer Merrick though. I am 26 years old live and Live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am the son of Charles Richard Bluett, Who is the son of Charles William Robert Bluett. It's great to see how many other Bluett's there are out there. I don't know much about the Bluett family history. I think I am a descendant of Peter Bluett from Holcombe Court in the U.K. Not sure though. Any responses or questions would be much appreciated. I can be emailed at the address above. Best wishes to you all.
Rob Bluett England None None None 6 Feb 2002
  Hullo there, I am a Bluett from England currently studying a creative music technology degree at Sheffield Uni and want to stay in Australia so any fellow bluetts out there who want to put me up then get in touch>My father is Neil Bluett who has a brother called david(which is my middle name) and i have a brother called John . Does anyone know me?
Frederick David Bluett (Bertrand) Massachusetts, USA None None None 6 Feb 2002
  Hi !! I'm David, age 49 and the son of Fred Buckland Bluett from Massachusetts. I'm a semi-retired airline captain and currently a bail agent / bondsman in 8 counties here in Tennessee. If you are related to me, please drop me a line.....
David (Dave) Frederick Bluett Tadley, England None None None 6 Feb 2002
  Hey! My name is David Frederick Bluett, came about the site just searching on the net. I am 18 and live in a little place called Tadley, England. (50miles from London) My father is David Charles Bluett whos father was Frederick Charles Bluett and a mother called Lorna Bluett. Frederick had a brother called Ray who in turn is my fathers uncle. My father, david has 1 brother called Neil. As for me I have 2 sisters called Nina and Faye Bluett. Hopefully more info will be available when i speak to my dad.
Allan Bluett Auckland, New Zealand None None None 7 Feb 2002
  Hello there, I am Allan Bluett, I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I am the son of Roy and Gay Bluett. My grandparents were Stanly and Ethel Bluett who lived their life in Hamilton, New Zealand. I have little knowledge of our family history beyond my grandparents.
Ron Bluett Western Australia, Australia None None None 1 Mar 2002
  Since finding your website I have had a great deal of pleasure reading the other Bluett's contributions.
My particular interest is in how to obtain a record of the ship the Lady Kennaway that sailed from England for Tasmania / Van Diemen's Land on September 10, 1834 as I believe that my great-great grandfather John Bluett / Blewett? may have been on board as a convict?
My paternal lineage is as Follows:
Father: David Walter Bluett (still living aged 85)
Grandfather: Walter James Bluett
Great Grandfather: James Bluett Jnr. so it is confusing if he was James Jnr how could his father be called John? It may be possible that his father's name was James.
I would really appreciate it if one of the Bluett's could provide me with some information.
I did try to use the form provided on the website but for some reason it would not send.
I was born at Tasmania but now live in Western Australia.

Ron Bluett
P.S. It is amazing how the common names like Walter, James etc keep on being used.

Kerry Blewett Penzance, Cornwall, UK None None None 18 Mar 2002
  My name is Kerry Blewett & I am one of many Blewetts living in Penzance, Cornwall. I have 2 children, Charlotte & Benjamin Blewett-Harris. My father is Peter, who has a twin, Richard.They have a sister, Christine. Their father was Richard Halport, and his father, William Henry. I am a distant relation to William Keith HARVEY and Bridget, in Bridgewater, Somerset who told me about the "bluett" web site.
Matthew Blewett Unknown None None None 23 May 2002
  Most Blewetts in Cornwall descend from the 13 children of Francis Blewett & Elizabeth Colan, Francis' brother Sir Roger Bluett built the present Holcombe Court at Holcombe Rogus. I am keen to find my near american cousins; descendants of Herbert Blewett who emigrated in 1920, but am also willing to share what info I have.
Michael Blewitt Victoria, Australia None None 17 Jun 2002
  I am looking for my GGG Grandfather named Joseph Blewitt born around 1800 and married Elizabeth. They had four children and all came from the Walsall/Bloxwich area in Staffordshire UK. If anyone has any information please Email me , I would love to hear from you.
Regards, Mike. Vic. Australia
Liam Bluett Ireland None None None 13 Jul 2002
  Greetings from the West of Ireland. My name is Liam Bluett and my father was from County Limerick here in Ireland. The name is somewhat known in the Limerick/Cork area but is rare in Ireland although I have come upon the name while on holiday in Cornwall in the UK.


People looking for contacts in the Bluett family:

Name Location Email address ICQ number Homepage External homepage Date Added
Betty Belt US? None None None 20 May 2000
  My great great grandfather was Samuel Bluett Culpepper and his mother was Elizabeth B. (I think it was Bluett) The name continued in use for at least four more generations. Samuel was born in Jackson Co., Georgia in 1818 and died in Mississippi in 1894. Am seeking any connection. Sage Betty Belt. Thanks.
Greg Humphrey Fort Madison, Iowa, U.S.A. None None None 27 May 2000
  My 6th Great Grandparents were Mary BLUETT, (born Aug .10,1717 in Gwinear, Cornwall) and Thomas LEDDRA (born August 23, 1721 in Stoke Damerel, Devon) who were married on August 4, 1743 at St. Uny - Leylant, Cornwall. I have detailed family information in Devon, Cornwall, and also in the United States after my Great Great Grandparents, Richard Lock MILLS, (born September 22, 1833 in Exbourne, Devon) and Elizabeth Eliza KNIGHT (born November 6, 1838 in Devonport, Devon) came to the United States in 1861, and were pioneers in Nebraska. The BLUETT descendant is Elizabeth Eliza KNIGHT.
Robert Bower Australia. None None None 19 June 2000
  My Great Grandmother was Elizabeth BLUETT (as per spelling on my Grandmother's marriage cert.) The spelling on the Queensland pioneer indexes is BLEWITT & also BLEWITE. She married William Henry RABLIN (on 25th March 1872 in Camborne, Cornwall), they emigrated to Queensland Australia soon after and their first-born was Charles 2 Feb 1874.
Jenny Oldfield Australia. None None None 5 March 2001
  I have been tracing the Bluett line of my family tree. I am looking for any information on Buckland Bluett born in 1786 and married Ann Powell in 1813. If you have any links to these names I would love to hear from you.
Lauren (Bluett) Lashbrook Australia. None None None 5 March 2001
  Looking for ways to tie together Bluett family. Too bad we all look after the ones who could have help have died. So sad. My father's name is Robert Earl Bluett. He had two brothers John Edward, and Kenneth Bluett. All of them have left us. Their Father's name was John Edward and married to Jenni (detail removed). (In Chicago, Illinois) John had a sister named Olive who moved to California, she had a son named George Riddle and I think he had a son named Scott. Olive and John's fathers name was Robert Bluett and married Ellan Eagan she had a twin brother and was 1 of 8 kids. I was told they came from Limerick but I have no paper trace of that. Any help would be great!! THANKS
Janet Thatch (Bluett) New Zealand None None None 6 Feb 2002
  Well I've discovered the Bluett Family Website and would like to add to it. I was born Janet Bluett, the youngest daughter of Richard Bluett and Gertrude {detail removed} . I had 4 sisters and 1 brother. My father was the youngest son of Henry Peter Bluett who came to N.Z. in the constabulary in the 1800"s He was known as Captain Bluett. He met and married my grandmother Mereaira who was a N,Z, Maori. They had a large family only which 7 lived to have issue. Very little was known about my grandfather as he died in the early 1900's when my father was very young. He apparently came from either Wales or England and is mentioned in some history books, I am very interested to connect with any other Bluett's who may know more about him. My father Richard married an English woman named Gertrude Ann Priest whom he met when serving in the first World War. She was from Twyford in Berkshire. They came back to N,Z. and farmed at Ohope Beach where they lived out their lives and raised their family of 6 children- Richard Frederick, Eleanor Ellen, Joan Laura, Barbara Ann, Margaret Betty, and myself Janet Alice. I married Robert Thatcher and have 6 children. One son Barry is at present in England working up in Manchester. He is moving down to London at the end of March. My eldest daughter Karen and her husband will be in England in June holidaying. If you would like to meet her she is most interested. My grandfather is a bit of a mystery so any links we can find would be most helpful.. Would like to hear from any interested person. Kia Ora Janet
John Carlyon UK? None None None 6 Feb 2002
  My late mother was a Blewett and her family go back to Paul, near Penzance Cornwall. I've got back to my g/g/father George Edwin Blewett who was born in 1848 and his father was George Blewett who was born about 1814. The family were fishermen, fishing out of Newlyn and Mousehole. I recently visited the Church at Holcombe Rogus and saw the Bluet Chapel within the church.
Mildred Bluett Phillips Maryland, USA? None None None 6 Feb 2002
  I am looking for anyone who might know about the birthdate and place of my great great grandfather William Bluett who was born near Cheltenham (we think) in Gloucestershire Co. The date was about 1823-24. His father was John. William was married to Winifred Cooper of Tewkesberry and they lived in Swansea, Wales for awhile until his death in 1867. They had 6 children, 2 survived, son William and Mary Ann. The son was my great grandfather who had immigrated to U.S. in 1880's with family. Mary Ann married a James Adams and lived in Walsall, near Birmingham, England.

How do I get this message out on the internet?

Mildred Bluett Phillips

Aubrey Edwards New Zealand None None None 17 Jun 2002
  Kia Ora, I descend from Charles Blewitt (my 3x gt grandfather) born in Essex 1825 and came to New Zealand with the 65th Regt. His father was a W.Blewitt. He had 3 children in NZ with the two boys dying young. I descend through his daughter Annie Walker Blewitt. He left NZ with the Regt in the 1860's and retired to South Kensington dying there as Major-General Charles Blewitt in 1907. We understand he had another family on his return to England, with one of his sons Charles Oakes Bates Blewitt dying in South Africa 1901. There were other children to his 2nd marriage but I have no idea who they are. Any help appreciated

Ka Kite


Sondra Stafford Australia None None None 2 Jul 2002
  Looking for Honor Bluett, born c1612, married Camborne, Cornwall to George Hockin on the 22 Sep 1645. Looking for her parents, the family gradually came down 6 generations to my husband's great-great-grandmother Martha Barkle who married Abraham Harris, in Gwinear, Cornwall in 1820/21
Lesley Mills Australia None None None 2 Jul 2002
  My mother was a Bluett, Allison Maude, born in Sydney Australia in 1911, Her father was Robert Albert and was a solicitor, renowned for his contribution to Local Government Council law.
Carla Percy New Zealand None None None 13 Jul 2002
  message: Hi, I'm researching my family tree and I was wondering if anyone out there could help me out.
I'm the great granddaughter of Samuel Robert BLEWETT (born somewhere in England, died 15 September 1960 in Pahiatua, New Zealand, buried in Eketahuna, Wairarapa, New Zealand) and Bertha May MANNING (died 16 October 1953 Eketahuna, New Zealand). My grandfather was Willie BLEWETT who was born about 1905/6 and died in Eketahuna on 28 May 1950 aged 44. Willie had 3 sisters Alice (married William DRYSDALE), Edith Annie (married Ken DAYSH) and Lena May (married James MASON). Any help with info on Samuel's past greatly appreciated.
Mary Taylor-Alaga (Bluett) Unknown None None None 26 Aug 2002
I too am a Bluett. My name is Mary Ellen. John BLUETT is my Great-Great-grandfather. He married Katherine HOWARD, my Great-Great-Grandmother. The are both from Baggotstown, County Limerick Ireland. They had nine children. Nellie, Lizzie, Robert Emmitt Frances, (my Great-Grand-Father)John, Richard, Thomas, James, Nora, and Eddie. Any information that you might have on either name or about Baggotstown would be greatly appreciated.
William McAuliffe Cork, Ireland None None None 18 April 2003
  William writes:

With reference to your website, on which Peter Bluett of Victoria, Australia, has posted his family history, I wish to state that I have reviewed the material which he has provided there, in which he states that he has "traced (his family) back 9 generations to the Bluetts of Limerick". He pinpoints the townland of Baggotstown as the place of origin. As a result of my review I am able to provide some comments. It would seem that Peter's information is based on some records from New Zealand, but mainly on oral history heard in Limerick which pinpoints Baggotstown as the place of origin. Having carefully examined the evidence I am satisfied that his information is not accurate. I believe that the Patrick John Bluett of New Zealand, ancestor of Peter, is not the Patrick Bluett who was baptised in the parish of Knockainy in 1859. I have checked out the story and find that it doesn't tally with other records relating to the Bluetts of Baggotstown. In fact, as a result of my fact-finding, it would seem that Peter's ancestor, Patrick John Bluett, was born in Co. Cork It may be possible for Peter to gain further information on the origins of his ancestor. If he can locate the civil death records of Patrick John Bluett and/or Margaret Carey, they should provide him with the names of each of their parents and their place of birth. This should confirm the Irish origins of his ancestors. If anyone has any comment to make, I would be very happy to hear from them.

He goes on to write:

On the (Links related to home page), Noel Bluett of Cairns, Australia, states that his grandfather Patrick John Bluett (1853?-1919) is the son of Richard Bluett and Ellen Clifford of Baggotstown (my great-grandparents). 
I have investiged this conflict of evidence and have discovered that Noel Bluett's claim is grossly inaccurate. All official records in NZ and Australia show that Patrick John Bluett was born in Cork and his parents' names were John Bluett and Elizabeth Fitzgerald.
My name is Willie McAuliffe, Centre for Adult Continuing Education, University College, Cork, Ireland.


Michael Bluett