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Welcome to This is a site for people with the surname Bluett and its variations.  The site has been on the web since Oct 1999.  If you thought you were alone in having this name, you were wrong, lots of people have this name (well, lots of my family at least).


Things to do

  • View and post on the forums
  • Add comments to pages using the "Add a comment" feature
  • See the visitors contact page (now superceded by the comments, forums and user directory)
  • Add your own pages to this site (they will be accessible to everyone using a URL similar to
  • Family history, leave your own information.
  • Download a family tree creation program and put the information on the net.
  • Companies with the name Bluett can leave details here.


I created this site for people with the surname Bluett (and those called Bluet, Blewit, Blewett etc. since those domains don't seem to have a website) who wish to get in touch with other people called Bluett (or whatever). Since occasionally I am asked by people on the net whether we share an ancestor, I thought I would set up somewhere that might allow them to get in touch with people who they might be related to.

I also thought I ought to take control of "my" domain name on the net, and create myself somewhere I can put my pages permanently as well as have a memorable email address ( ). I am also contactable via ICQ (ICQ number 42378583).


Michael Bluett