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Old News and Updates

Michael Bluett 00:07,Sat 8 July 2000
Added a link to Added Jennifer Bluett, from the UK to the links page. I have also changed all pages to use the full width of the browser window (previously they were using 620 pixels of the width).
Michael Bluett 20:11,Mon 19 June 2000
Added a link to Bluett country houses at Britannia.com to the Holcombe Rogus page. Added Robert Bower to the links page.
Michael Bluett 23:59,Mon 29 May 2000
Added readers' comments page. Note - If you start off discussions on the bulletin board, I will mention it on this page.
Michael Bluett 16:17,Sat 27 May 2000
Tidied up site, added email form and discussion board links to the link page. Created "highlight" links on the front page to Peter Bluett's family skeletons page and his Bluett history page.
Michael Bluett 03:07,Sat 27 May 2000
Created links to the Bluett.com online comments page, for people to leave simple comments about the site, also added links to the Bluett.com link page. Added Trudie Blewett (our first Blewett) and Greg Humphrey (looking for Bluett relations) to the links page and the Bluett greeting card company to the companies page.
Michael Bluett 22:59,Sun 21 May 2000
Created the Bluett discussion forum, for people to ask questions about their family.
Michael Bluett 13:26,Sat 20 May 2000
Added Jane Bluett and Betty Belt to the link pages.
Updated Peter Bluett's surnames page.
Michael Bluett 08:26,Tue 18 April 2000
Uploaded another revision of Peter Bluett's home pages.
Michael Bluett 00:06,Wed 1 Mar 2000
Added email forms to the index and comment pages.
Michael Bluett 00:09,Sun 20 Feb 2000
Added publicly accessible Bluett online comments page using a service provided by greenspun.com.
Michael Bluett 22:13,Mon 8 Feb 2000
Pamela Bluett, from Australia contacted me, and I have added her to the contact other bluetts page.
Michael Bluett 22:45,Thu 3 Feb 2000
Added links to paler.com, where I have put information on Registering Domains, UK ISPs and price comparison sites on this page, and to kindredkonnections on the links page.  Also, HAPPY NEW MILLENNIUM!
Michael Bluett 22:41,Mon 13 Dec 1999
Added Ask Jeeves to the search page. And added a simple favourites icon in the root of the webserver, for decoration if you add the site to your favourites list in IE4 or IE5. I am also working to move the site to another server.
Michael Bluett 22:34,Mon 29 Nov 1999
Added Tony Bluett to the contact other bluetts page. And added a link to the Northernlight search engine to the web search page.
Michael Bluett 22:57,Sun 28 Nov 1999
Added a page on Holcombe Rogus, sent by Margaret Bluett.
Michael Bluett 22:19,Thu 25 Nov 1999
I have set up a mailing list on egroups (see above).
Michael Bluett 22:40,Mon 22 Nov 1999
Have added another Bluett contact to the links page. Should be adding more tomorrow. I have also added a link to information on Holcombe Rogus to the Bluett history page.
Michael Bluett 22:34,Tue 16 Nov 1999
Added the rest of Peter Bluett's home pages.
Michael Bluett 16:51,Thu 04 Nov 1999
Added Peter Bluett's home pages (altered the side bar, links page etc.). Also added a web search page, linking out to web engines.
Michael Bluett 16:17,Wed 27 Oct 1999
Added my first link, a link to Peter Bluett, in Victoria Australia to the links page. Also corrected a broken link on the contact page. I also added my ICQ number to the front page.
Michael Bluett 23:49,Sat 16 Oct 1999
Added company links to the companies page, added ICQ number to the contacts page.
Michael Bluett 21:48,Fri 8 Oct 1999
I put the site live yesterday for the first time, and put the wrong files in the wrong places. Spent some time fixing the links
Michael Bluett 23:20,Sat 7 Oct 1999
Put the site live for the first time. I intend to submit bluett.com to search engines later on today.

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